Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Rotations & Dissertation Lab

First year students are evaluated at the end of each lab rotation; each student can review rotation evaluations in his or her personal, secure Google Drive Mail Box.

After joining a dissertation lab, each student will work closely with his or her mentor on an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Then, every year before each student’s annual committee meeting, the student and his or her mentor will sit down to update the student’s Annual Report (combined IDP/Progress ), addressing any unmet Milestones or other program requirements.  As soon as a student schedules his or her annual committee meeting, he or she should let the Neuro office know so Lucia or Kyle can check the student’s records and inform the student of any issues that need to be addressed.  When this information is returned, we will also send the student’s mentor(s) the appropriate Student Evaluation form (either 2nd & 3rd Year or Senior).

The IDP/Progress Report should be reviewed at the beginning of each annual committee meeting.  If the student has not yet completed his or her elective requirements, this would also be a good opportunity to discuss course options that would be most useful to the student’s development. Within 14 days of the annual committee meeting, the student must submit the updated Annual Report to the Neuro office, along with the advisor’s completed Student Evaluation Form, cc:ing the advisor on this email. The Annual Committee Meeting Milestone will not be met until this paperwork is submitted. The Evaluations and Reports will be reviewed by the Graduate Training Committee, and any concerns and/or problems are referred to the Directors.