Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Payroll Information

The current salary rate for Neuroscience students is $40,008 per year; $3,334 per month (gross). This is a 50% FTE graduate student appointment (Predoctoral Research Associate 2). There are two (2) payperiods each month; therefore your gross salary per paycheck will be $1,667. This income is taxable so there will be federal income tax withholding (except for international students & dependent on their country’s treaty with the United States). There is no personal state income tax in Washington. Each student will pay their portion (~$2/payperiod) of workers’ comp.  This salary is presumed to be the salary for a single student.  The Neuroscience Program Office is the home payroll department for all first year students during their rotations.  Responsibility for payroll is transferred to the dissertation advisor’s home department when each student enters his/her dissertation lab.

Paychecks generally become available on the 10th and 25th of each month. They each reflect the preceding payperiod just completed (e.g., the “25th“paycheck is for the 1-15 days of that month). The first paycheck for Autumn Quarter 2022 is October 10 and reflects appointments starting on September 16. For other paydays in 2016, check your orientation packet.

A student may be affected by the “5 of 6 payperiods” rule if he/she intends to leave UW (or change from a GSA status to a postdoc status on the UW payroll). If a student goes off the payroll before completing five payperiods in that academic payroll quarter, the student will lose their tuition waiver and the insurance coverage will be cancelled. All students who plan to leave before the end of any quarter must notify the Neuroscience Program Staff. There are a number of options to which do not incur excessive tuition and insurance costs, but must be planned in advance.

University of Washington UW/UAW Contract Introduction:


All Neuroscience students receive their UW-paid medical/dental/ vision coverage via the Graduate Appointment Insurance Plan (GAIP). Detailed information regarding the GAIP can be found on this website:

The GAIP website details the coverage and the process for on-line enrollment. Each student must initially enroll for their coverage after they have been put on the UW payroll system (Neuroscience admin staff will notify you when to enroll). A student must have a GSA (or fellowship/stipend appointment) to qualify for this insurance. The insurance becomes effective the month after the student enrolls. Incoming Neuroscience students will enroll in September and it will become effective October 1st.  

The GAIP also provides student-paid coverage for student dependents (spouse/children/SSDP). If you need dependent coverage, please check the website carefully for instructions and deadlines. The deadlines are strict and usually earlier than for the UW-paid coverage for the student.