Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Amy Orsborn

Phone:  206-616-2049 (EEB), 206-685-1725 (HSB), 206-543-8304 (Lab)
Dept.: Clare Boothe Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Bioengineering
Neuroscience Focus Groups: Brain-Computer Interfaces, Computational Neuroscience, Motor Systems and Sensorimotor Integration

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The laboratory works at the intersection of engineering and neuroscience to develop therapeutic neural interfaces. The lab explores neural interfaces as adaptive closed-loop systems that engage neural plasticity and adaptation. We use engineering approaches to leverage neural adaptation for system performance, and uses neural interfaces as a tool to study neural mechanisms of learning at the systems level. We primarily focus on the sensorimotor system, sensorimotor learning, and interfaces to restore sensorimotor function. The lab also specializes in system integration for advancing neurotechnologies to study neural circuits in awake primates for basic science and towards human translation. We use state of the art techniques to study neural circuits during behavior in primates, including: optogenetics, integrated multi-scale and multi-modal neural measurements/manipulations, large-scale recordings, wireless in-cage recordings, high-dimensional motion tracking, and closed-loop adaptive interfaces.