Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Andrew L. Ko







Assistant Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery


My research focuses on human electrophysiological and imaging correlates of behavior, disease, and interventions for epilepsy, movement disorders and pain.

Areas of Interest:  Brain-Computer Interfaces; Disorders of the Nervous System; Motor Systems and Sensorimotor Integration; Neural Circuits.

Our lab seeks to characterize electrophysiological and imaging correlates of behavior and disease in humans. Particularly, we take advantage of access to human data during interventions for epilepsy and movement disorders. We focus on electrophysiological recordings gathered during long-term monitoring for seizure localization, or during implantation of electrodes for Deep Brain Stimulation. Areas of interest include basic science research examining neural correlates of cognition and behavior, and mechanisms underlying deep brain stimulation for movement disorders; we are also focused on translational work in the development of closed-loop deep brain stimulation systems. We work closely with researchers using advanced MR imaging to examine similar patient populations, looking for imaging correlates for surgical outcomes. In short, we combine approaches from neurophysiology, radiology and engineering to approach both the description of neurobiological processes and intervene in neuropathology.