Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Tara Madhyastha

Phone: 206-221-8243
Dept.:Research Assistant Professor, Radiology; Adjunct Reseach Assistant Professor, Psychology
Neuroscience Focus Group: Behavioral Neuroscience
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Dr. Madhyastha is developing sensitive methods for quantifying alterations in spatiotemporal dynamics of functional connectivity. She is also interested more generally in modeling task and resting state fMRI to understand the relationship of brain physiology to longitudinal changes in cognition and biomarkers that occur with neurodegenerative disease. She is a co-investigator in Pacific Northwest Udall Center and the Alzheimer Disease Research Center, where she is testing whether novel functional neuroimaging measures are more sensitive and informative than existing imaging markers at predicting future cognitive decline. In addition, she is the PI of an R01 that is linked to the Pacific Udall Center that uses EEG and fMRI to assess how functional connectivity differences in Parkinson Disease are related to task performance.