Graduate Program in Neuroscience

July 8, 2020

Recent Neuroscience Graduate, Kali Esancy creates a crowd-source list to help our community

Kali Esancy has always been a giant in community outreach for the Neuroscience program. Since COVID-19, she has only extended her reach even farther. Kali has been a part of an effort to crowd-source a list of ways that folks can help out through places that need donations, visiting small businesses owned by people of color and marginalized groups, and even finding places to donate pipette tips or face masks. “I care about my community here, my friends and neighbors, and the idea of anything bad happening to these people hurts” Kali said in a recent article highlighting the work graduate students are doing to help our community.

We want to thank Kali for all of her hard work for the past 6 years to help make our neuroscience, and Seattle Community better than when she found it!