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Please find information about our MS Center Education Series and other useful information below. If you are looking for information about our clinic, please visit the MS Center Clinic website.

2022 UW MS Center Educational Series via zoom

Monthly Educational Series / Webinar for people with MS

3rd Wednesday of every month
6:00pm – 7:15pm

Join us in person at the UW MS Center (located on the NWH Campus) or from the comfort of your own home!
You can email us at to request to be added to our mailing list to get monthly reminders for the program and specifics of that month’s topic

Wed 2/19/2020
Getting up on the right side of the bed: Strategies for optimizing sleep in MS
Gloria Hou, MD, physiatrist, UW MS Center

Wed 3/18/2020
Managing your Energy Budget: Strategies for Living with MS Fatigue Tracy Herring, PhD, Psychologist/Senior fellow, UW Rehabilitation Medicine

Wed 4/15/2020
Which MS drug is the best one for me?
Neda Zarghami, MD, neurologist/MS Fellow, UW MS Center

Wed 5/20/2020
Prognosis of MS – What we already know and what current research might tell us about how to predict your future and how you can use this information to improve your health
Michael Persenaire, MD, Neurologist, UW MS Center

Wed 6/17/2020
Improve Your Thinking: Tips to Maximize Attention & Memory
Rachel Palm, Speech-Language Pathologist, UW Northwest Campus Rehab

Wed 7/15/2020
Complementary, integrative and nutritional approaches to manage your MS
Michelle Leary-Chang, ND. Vida Integrated Health & Marco Vespignani, ND, Seattle Integrative Medicine

Wed 8/19/2020
MS 101: Basic overview of MS
Meghan Romba, MD, Neurologist, UW MS Center

Wed 9/16/2020
Employment & MS: A patient’s guide to employment and disability when living with MS
Joe Stuckey, MS, CRC, Rehabilitation Counselor, UW MS Center

Wed 10/21/2020
MS and Pregnancy – Info to help you when planning to expand your family
Gloria von Geldern, MD, neurologist, UW MS Center

Wed 11/18/2020
Living with uncertainty: Thriving in the face of an unpredictable disease
Kevin Alschuler, PhD, psychologist, UW MS Center

Join us per Zoom videoconference by one of the following:
A. Download at  (computer)
B. Get app “Zoom cloud meeting” (phone or tablet)
C. Call in: 669-900-6833. Meeting ID: 140869654

Link to Zoom Meeting:

Things to keep in mind:
* Your privacy is important for us! This is a HIPAA compliant version of Zoom
* Be aware though that unless you are disabling your camera, others will see you!
* You can disable your camera when logging in (check box) or throughout the session (video logo on/off)
* Through certain portions of session you can ask questions or give comments; when your camera is activated others can see you. So, put the camera at eye level and remember to look at the camera when talking
* For best experience, set your location in a quiet place devoid of distractions or interruptions from others
* If able, use headphones or a headset to prevent audio feedback.
* Optimally, mute your microphone when not speaking.

MS Workbook

The MS Workbook is a comprehensive guide to help you manage fatigue and weakness, cope with pain, get the most out of your health care system, combat anxiety and depression, optimize your activity level, create a career and financial plan, maintain intimacy with your partner, and gain support from family, friends, and your community. It is available as a FREE resource online at:

You can be a participant in UW Medicine's Multiple Sclerosis research if wanted!

Did you know that UW researchers, including many of your providers, have been among the nation’s leaders in MS research for over 40 years? 

The MS Center has a very active research program covering a wide variety of topics, ranging from learning about quality of life, symptoms, and experiences; to developing and testing approaches (medical and nonpharmacologic) for improving symptom management and patient well-being; to participating in large pharmaceutical trials.

We are currently recruiting for participants on the following topics:

– New diagnosis
– Exercise
– Cognition
– Fatigue
– Pain
– Falls
– Aging with physical disabilities
– Medication/drug trials

If you are interested in any of these topics, please ask to speak to a member of our research team today or call the clinic at 206-598-3344 to speak to the research staff by phone!

Multiple Sclerosis Action Plan