Department of Neurology

Clinical Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship Training

We are pleased to offer a Clinical MS Fellowship Program in a new facility which opened in 2012, to meet the complex needs of patients with MS, other CNS demyelinating and autoimmune diseases. The University of Washington (UW) has demonstrated its commitment to MS care and to the community by building a state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary MS. The UW MS Center offers dedicated, comprehensive MS care by providers from neurology, rehabilitation medicine and neuropsychology/rehabilitation psychology specialized in MS in one location and is opened Monday through Friday. An on-site pharmacist oversees infusions at the UW MS Center’s infusion suite and provides consultations regarding complex pharmaceutical regimens to both patients and providers. The UW MS Center was awarded “Partners in MS Care” status by the National MS Society for performing the highest level of comprehensive care and has been repeatedly awarded the UW Quarterly Patient Satisfaction Excellence Award across multiple UW entities.

Furthermore, for its excellence in clinical training, the UW Medicine Multiple Sclerosis Center holds a prestigious 5-year Institutional Clinical Training Award funded by the National MS Society to train the next generation of MS specialists.The University of Washington has a more than 10-year history of Clinical MS Fellowship Training in both neurology and rehabilitation medicine. We have a strong track record of helping our graduates build successful academic or clinical careers in MS care.

The MS Fellow will receive training in CNS demyelinating and related diseases with a focus on clinical training by a multidisciplinary faculty. The MS Fellow will also actively engage in clinical research and will have ample opportunities for clinical, research and leadership training.

Annette Wundes, M.D.
Fellowship Director, Associate Professor of Neurology, Adjunct Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine