Department of Neurology

Letter from the Chairman

Congratulations! You’ve made a decision to enter one of the most exciting fields in medicine. Now you have another pivotal decision to make: where to go for your neurology training. It’s a decision that will shape the rest of your career, forging the path you take as both a physician and a person.

You’ll want to choose a program that exposes you to an outstanding faculty, a large and diverse population of patients, a well-organized and complete educational experience, and a robust academic environment that prizes research. The University of Washington Neurology Residency Programs have all of these attributes.

We’re extremely proud of our Adult Neurology and Pediatric Neurology Training Programs. Here, teaching is a priority, research opportunities are abundant, and faculty members are friendly and approachable. As a resident, you’ll learn more than you ever have. You’ll grow every day. And you’ll enjoy life to its fullest in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Nicholas Poolos, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor and Interim Chair
Department of Neurology
Associate Director, UW Regional Epilepsy Center
University of Washington