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Bruker D8 Discover with GADDS XRD system

The primary feature which distinguishes the Bruker D8 Discover from more traditional XRD tools is two-dimensional X-ray detection. A 2D image contains far more information than a 1D profile, and this advantage is fully utilized with the advanced 2D image processing and 2D diffraction pattern manipulation. Thus the 2D diffraction (XRD2) is a new technique in the field of XRD. The Bruker’s acronym GADDS stands for General Area Detector Diffraction Systems. The D8 Discover is also supplied with an optical laser-video camera system for easy sample alignment, and a high power rotating anode (Cu). 

Phase Identification, Phase Quantification, Texture, Stress, High Throughput Screening, MicroDiffraction, Mapping and more can be done faster and more easily on this system. For details, see the Bruker AXS website: http://www.bruker-axs.de/discover_with_gadds.html

Reading: Bob B. He, Two-Dimensional X-Ray Diffraction, Willey & Sons, 2009

GADDS Manual
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