NTUF Research Tool Inventory

FEI Sirion SEM

The Sirion scanning electron microscope provides ultra-high resolution, low kV secondary electron and backscattering information from conductive and non-conductive samples using through-the-lens detection technology. For standard gold on carbon substrate, the resolution is 1-3 nm at accelerating voltages of 1 kV - 30 kV.

A combined Energy Dispersed Spectrometer (EDAX) system allows ultra-high resolution digital imaging and X-ray mapping. Standard features of the EDAX software include spectra, image, and elemental map collection. The standard 10-liter dewar EDAX detecting unit provides performance across a broad range of applications and environments. It has a narrow diameter end cap with a fixed window that separates the internal components and vacuum of the detecting unit from the microscope chamber. The detector is configurable for light element analysis down to lithium.

Click here for the Sirion datasheet

A back-scattering SEM image of a core-shell structure of Au-SiO2

An SEM image of silver nanoparticles

An image of an AFM cantilever
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