Poster Sessions

On September 6th posters will be presented to display research in the many fields exploring the nanoscale. If you have a poster on current research that you would like to display, please include your information with your registration. If chosen you will be given space on one of approximately 48 4'x8' poster boards that will be outside the main auditorium.

Current Presenters:

Wenjun Jiang, Physics / Electrical Engineering - Advisor: Scott Dunham
3D optical and device simulation of plasmonic effects on organic solar celss using silver nano-prisms

Renyu Chen, EE - Advisor: Scott T. Dunham
Hierarchical Modeling for Ordered Binding of Peptides to Solid Surfaces

Marketa Hnilova, - Advisor: Candan Tamerle and Mehmet Sarikaya
Peptide-Based Hybrid Gold Nanoprobes for Targeted Cell Bioimaging and Biosensing

Trent Silbaugh, chemical engineering - Advisor: Charles T. Campbell
The energetics of water and methanol dissociation on Pt(111) by adsorption calorimetry

Stephanie J. Benight, Chemistry - Advisor: Larry R. Dalton
Reduced Dimensionality in Organic Electro-Optic Materials

Jianqing Qi, Electrical Engineering - Advisor: M. P. Anantram
Transport of charge in DNA heterostructures

Benjamin Krueger, Physics - Advisor: Marjorie Olmstead
Variation of work function in pure and H-intercalated graphene on SiC(0001)

Benjamin Krueger, Physics - Advisor: Marjorie Olmstead
Growth of Ga2O3 thin films by pulsed laser deposition

Yuanming Liu, Mechanical Engineering - Advisor: Jiangyu Li
Nanoimprinting and piezoresponse force microscopy of ferroelectric poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) copolymer films

Katherine Mazzio, Materials Science and Engineering - Advisor:Christine Luscombe
Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Molecules for Non-Excitonic Solar Cells

Ji Hoo, Electrical Engineering - Advisor: Bohringer
Programmable Batch Assembly of Microparts

Sam Zheng, Material Science and Engineering - Advisor: Fumio Ohuchi
Direct-current induced surface reconfiguration and related electrical conductivity changes in beta-Ga2O3

Sam Zheng, Material Science and Engineering - Advisor: Fumio Ohuchi
Bipolar Resisitance Switching Observed in Pulsed Laser Deposited Ga2O3 Thin Films

Sanghun Song, PhD - Advisor: Dr. Dave Castner
Investigation of Adsorbed Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Films Formed on Charged and Hydrophilic Surfaces

Anita Fadavi Roudsari, ECE - Advisor: M.P. Anantram
Silicon Nanowire Photodetectors: Theory, Modeling and Fabrication

Kristina Knesting, Materials Chemistry and Nanotechnology - Advisor: David Ginger
Spatially modulating interfacial properties of transparent conductive oxides: patterning work function with phosphonic acid SAMs

Joan Bleecker, Chemistry - Advisor: Sarah Keller
Measuring Height Mismatch and Phase Transition Temperatures of Model Lipid Bilayers

Yingxin Deng, Materials Sci & Eng. - Advisor: Marco Rolandi
Interfacing Cells with Protonic Transistors for Sensor Applications

Chen Fang, Materials Science and Engineering - Advisor: Oliver Press
Pre-targeted nanoparticles for the improvement of chemotherapy of lymphoma

Hyok Yoo, Bioengineering - Advisor: Gerald H. Pollack
Changes in local hydrogen bonding of myowater during contraction of skeletal muscle

James Lai, Bioengineering
“Smart” reagents for point-of-care diagnostics

Patrick Dolan, North Seattle Community College - Advisor: Alissa Agnello
Alternative Method for Real Time Physical Vapor Deposition Thickness Monitoring

Nicole Thomas, Elecrical Engineering - Advisor: Babak Parviz
Contact Lenses for Health Monitoring

Brandon Coyle,Chemical Engineering - Advisor: François Baneyx
Tags and Pads for 2D Crystallization of Membrane Proteins

James F. Matthaei,Chemical Engineering - Advisor: François Baneyx
Engineering Proteins for 2D Self Assembly

David K Scoville, Env. and Occ. Health Sciences - Advisor: Terrance J Kavanagh
Differential Susceptibility to Quantum Dot Induced Lung Inflammation: A System Genetics Approach

Weibin Zhou,Chemical Engineering - Advisor: François Baneyx
Facile Biomineralization of Immuno-Quantum Dots

Brent Nannenga,Chemical Engineering - Advisor: François Baneyx
Improving the Expression of Functional Membrane Proteins in Escherichia coli

Kjersta Larson-Smith, Chemical Engineering - Advisor: Danilo Pozzo
Scalable Synthesis of Self-Assembling Nanoparticle Clusters Based on Controlled Steric Interactions

Andrew McUsic, Bioengineering - Advisor: Thomas A. Reh, Ph.D.
Soft lithography-patterned microchannel PLGA scaffolds guide the morphogenesis of dissociated newborn mouse retinal cells and human embryonic stem cell-derived retinal cultures

Greg Newbloom, Chemical Engineering - Advisor: Danilo Pozzo
Structure-Property Relationships in Conjugated Polymer Networks

Wesley Smith,Env. and Occ. Health Sciences - Advisor: T. Kavanagh
Uptake of polymer-coated quantum dots by Kupffer cells promotes a pro-inflammatory response

John Goertz, Physics - Advisor: Dr. Patrick Murphy
Glucocorticoid Receptor and Chaperone Machinery Interaction Visualized by Atomic Force Microscopy

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