School of Public Health

Breastfeeding as Food Sovereignty

June 2017

Breastfeeding as Food Sovereignty

Air Date: Thursday, June 29, 2017, available archived online after this date
Time: Noon to 1pm PT
Cost: Free

In this one-hour webinar,  Lactation Consultant Camie Goldhammer discussed how communities of color, especially Native American communities, are reclaiming breastfeeding as an indigenous food source. She uses storytelling to explain how breastfeeding was historically discouraged among indigenous communities, the barriers that created, and what leaders are doing to address historical trauma and bring it back. She will also review how public health professionals from across many disciplines and departments can support breastfeeding through their work today.


This is part of the University of Washington Maternal and Child Public Health Webinar Series hosted by the Center of Excellence In Maternal and Child Health at the University of Washington.