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A Deeper Look at a Youth-Driven Conference with a focus on 'Protective Factors'

Tribal Health - Reaching out Involves Everyone (THRIVE)
a suicide prevention project at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

Watch the 2017 THRIVE Conference video

"Culture is prevention."
~ Scott Kalama, Conferedated Tribes of Warm Springs, THRIVE Mentor and rapper 'Blue Flamez'

Through interviews with staff, mentors, chaperones, and teen participants, this 13-minute mini-documentary looks at how the 2017 THRIVE Youth Conference focuses on improving quality of life rather than drilling down a list of risks and warning signs. 

During this annual week-long event Native teens gather to learn skills, boost self-esteem, and meet with mentors who encourage their dreams. The conference is made up of multiple workshop tracks that cover arts and sciences. 

The video is filmed and edited by youth who took the digital storytelling workshop and set against a a soundtrack created by teen conference attendee Big T (Terry Williams).

The 2018 THRIVE Conference will be held June 25-29, 2018.