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Health Equity in the Well-Woman Exam

July 2016

Health Equity Issues in Immigrant Populations

Air Date: July 22, 2016, available archived online after this date
Time: 11am-12pm PST
Cost: Free

Low income women and Immigrants face many barriers to health care. Immigrants and refugees in particular have a different set of circumstances surrounding their ability to obtain medical care. Many have different beliefs about health and well-being than the traditional allopathic medicine practiced in the United States. In this webinar, a panel of three from Harborview Women's Clinic (an OB-GYN, a nurse, and a social worker) will cover the following topics:

  • common barriers to health care for low-income women and immigrants
  • some key cultural differences in the understanding of health care, particularly for Somali patients
  • methods to improve outreach to target populations

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This is part of the University of Washington Maternal and Child Public Health Webinar Series hosted by the Center of Excellence In Maternal and Child Health at the University of Washington