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The Well-Woman Visit

What are the National Performance Measures (NPMs)? The Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) developed this set of metrics to monitor key health indicators in the populations of the 59 states and jurisdictions that receive Title V MCH Block Grant funds. These measures are just one part of a larger effort to support state-wide improvement activities. You can read more about the history of the NPMs and the MCH Block Grant in our Spring 2015 issue or on the MCHB website.

About The Well-Woman Visit

The Well-Woman Visit is the first on the list of National Performance Measures (NPMs) and is the most frequently selected by State Title V Programs. It is the theme of our latest volume which debuts our new look and format. The Northwest Bulletin: Family and Child Health is now a fully digital publication. The next 15 volumes will explore the new National Performance Measures individually, beginning with those topics that are most popular in our Region 10 states (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington). Subscribers will receive 4 emails a year with links to the newest articles.



In Part I we described the process behind the revision of NPMs and examined the inclusion of the Well-Woman Visit on the new list. We outlined the different approaches Alaska and Washington will take to improve well-visit access rates, introduced a new project that helps states develop evidence-based action plans, and shared insights into promoting preventive health by creating a safe space for women in the exam room.

In Part II we focus on using conversation to include the public in the improvement of their own health. We explore the implications of the One Key Question Initiative, which asks women what they want from their reproductive future and we consider the importance of including transgender patients in the preconception conversation. We look at the ways Idaho intends to promote women's health and find out how Oregon plans to include women's voices in their state strategies. Finally, we learn how one group plans to use women's lived experiences to directly shape public health policy.

Our Well-Woman Resources are an aggregate of the latest MCH tools, apps, and documents for health care providers and public health professionals, organized by subjects including Zika virus, health insurance, transgender health resources and national campaigns.