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The Program

The Occupational Health Services Research Training Program is jointly sponsored by the Department of Health Services and the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences within the University of Washington School of Public Health. Funding for the program is provided by a five-year training grant from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Occupational Health Services Research (OHSR) develops performance measures and assesses the organization, access, cost, quality and outcomes of care for work related health problems. It also designs and evaluates preventive and curative programs that deliver care effectively, efficiently and equitably.

The University of Washington is one of only two NIOSH funded programs in the United States, producing OHSR-trained researchers. These researchers are crucial to improve disparities, processes and outcomes for workers with occupational injuries or illnesses. Occupational health services researchers are also essential in improving the health of all workers to decrease injuries and increase productivity. They collaborate with employers and local, state, and federal governments to manage resources efficiently to provide better care for workers.

The program's faculty come from both the Department of Health Services and the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. The program is closely linked to the Occupational Epidemiology and Health Outcomes Program, a major research program at the University of Washington widely recognized for research within the field of occupational health. Administratively the program is housed within the Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety at the University of Washington.

Trainees have the opportunity to participate in ongoing research projects through the Occupational Epidemiology and Health Outcomes Program. They also have an opportunity to undertake field-based studies in external organizations that collaborate with the training program. These agencies include the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries and employers such as The Boeing Company and Microsoft.

Doctoral students are admitted to the program through the Department of Health Services PhD program. They follow the core curriculum for health services research and take a minimum of five courses in occupational and environmental health.