Freshwater Ecology and Conservation Lab

Our vision is a world where people understand, value, and conserve freshwater biodiversity.

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We conduct use-inspired research to better inform the management and conservation of freshwater ecosystems.


We communicate our science to engage the public in conversations about environmental sustainability.


We actively partner with the public and private sector to ensure science always has a role in decision-making.

Science on Tap

Transferring flow-ecology knowledge

Environmental flow assessment is an emerging approach for balancing the water needs of freshwater ecosystems with the water needs of human society. By using knowledge of how freshwater species respond to patterns in streamflow (i.e. their flow-ecology relationships),...
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Rusty crayfish: front lines are moving fast

What freshwater bug is 3-inch long and crawls downriver nearly 10 miles a year and eat everything on its path? Answer: invasive crayfish. Two years ago, Laura Twardochleb from the Olden Lab published a comprehensive meta-analysis of the literature to summarize the...
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Dams, scarcity, and social-ecological resilience

We know that dams are a paramount driver of hydrological alteration, homogenizing regional river dynamics and biodiversity. However, dams also provide a range of socio-economic benefits, and under scenarios of water scarcity due to climate change and over-allocation...
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