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Our vision is a world where people understand, value, and conserve freshwater biodiversity.

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We conduct use-inspired research to better inform the management and conservation of freshwater ecosystems.


We communicate our science to engage the public in conversations about environmental sustainability.


We actively partner with the public and private sector to ensure science always has a role in decision-making.

Science on Tap

Implications of increasing droughts for native desert fishes

Widespread dam construction, flow diversions and water abstraction for growing human populations in the Colorado River Basin have significantly altered environmental conditions in the region, creating situations that threaten native species persistence and promote the...
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Fire and water: stream temperature and wildfire in the Pacific Northwest

Across the Pacific Northwest, streams are feeling the heat. For years, ecologists have recognized the importance of water temperature in driving ecological patterns in freshwater streams, from shaping the spatial distributions of fish species to affecting the...
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Assisted migration: Good idea or misguided hope?

The conifer tree Torreya taxifolia once grew in abundance in ravines along the Apalachicola River on the Florida panhandle (Godfrey 1988). After decades of decline, the species is now considered critically endangered according to the IUCN (Schwartz et al. 1995). In a...
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