Mary L. (Nora) Disis, MD

Mary L. (Nora) Disis, MD

Helen B. Slonaker Endowed Professorship for Cancer Research
Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Oncology
Director, Tumor Vaccine Medical Oncology

Mailing Address

Tumor Vaccine Group
815 Mercer Street
Seattle, WA 98109-4714

Admin Contact

Program Operations Specialist
Fax: 206.685.3128

Specialty / Expertise

Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Research Interests

Cancer vaccines and T-cell therapy
Cancer Immunodiagnostics

Current Research Projects

Vaccines Targeting Cancer Initiation Antigens to Prevent Colon Cancer
Immunomodulators for Cancer Therapy
Vaccination to prevent the development of PIN or progression of PIN to invasive prostate cancer
Trial of the Safety and Immunogenicity of a DNA Plasmid Based Vaccine
Immune Profiling of BRCA1 and Platinum Resistance in Ovarian Cancer


Dr. Disis graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical School and completed an Internal Medicine Residency and Chief Residency at the University of Illinois, Chicago, IL. She trained in Oncology at the University of Washington (UW) and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC).

Selected Publications

Watt WC, Cecil, DL and Disis ML. Selection of epitopes from self-antigens for eliciting Th2 or Th1 activity in the treatment of autoimmune disease or cancer. Seminars in Immunopath, Dec 14. 2016.

Bauman JE, Cohen E, Ferris RL, Adelstein DJ, Brizel DM, Ridge JA, O'Sullivan B, Burtness BA, Butterfield LH, Carson WE, Disis ML, Fox BA, Gajewski TF, Gillison ML, Hodge JW, Le QT, Raben D, Strome SE, Lynn J, Malik S. Immunotherapy of head and neck cancer: Emerging clinical trials from a National Cancer Institute Head and Neck Cancer Steering Committee Planning Meeting. Cancer. Dec 1. doi: 10.1002/cncr.30449. 2016.

Gwin WR, Standish, L, and Disis, ML. Use of the TLR2 ligand polysaccharide krestin to maximize conventional cancer therapy. (in press) Expert Reviews, 2017.

Disis, ML and Stanton, SE: Immunotherapy in breast cancer: An introduction. The Breast. Feb 3. pii: S0960-9776(17)30013-9, 2017.

Gnjatic, S., Bronte, V., Brunet, L.R., Butler, M.O., Disis, M.L., Galon, J., Hakansson, L.G., Hanks, B.A., Karanikas V., Khleif, S.N., Kirkwood, J.M., Miller, L.D., Schendel, D.J., Tanneau, I., Wigginton, J.M., and Butterfield, L.H.: Identifying baseline immune-related biomarkers to predict clinical outcome of immunotherapy. J Immunother Cancer, May 16;5:44, 2017.

Patel A, Kaufman HL and Disis, ML: Next generation approaches to vaccination. Chin Clin Oncol. Apr;6(2):19, 2017.

Last updated: October 2018