admin on October 30, 2009

Folks, thank you for your continued interest in our material.  We just passed 5000 visitors today (not including us).  We are attempting to build a community around 3D printing who are willing explore and share results. We promise to keep posting if you keep reading.    Thanks.  ….Admin

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meghatron on October 27, 2009

  Here is a video I created last spring for The Fab Show at The Esther M. Klein Art Gallery last May.  We sent this video, along with our printed work, to help explain the process and the spirit of the Solheim Lab to the gallery audience. – Meghan Trainor

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ganter on October 27, 2009

Ms. Marie Skaper from CERFAV ( has expressed quite a bit of interest in our process.  In fact, she has posted several comments and has engaged us in several emails.   She has expressed that her school might be interested in working with and possibly teaching the Vitraglyphic process. This is all great fun.   The more […]

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ganter on October 26, 2009

This a fun little piece of work that has been around as a test part in various forms, sizes and materials.   In fact, we have this object in almost every material that we have in the lab.    The concept of creating a design and then producing it “automagically” in different materials is in keeping […]

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ganter on October 23, 2009

We took another shot at printing and firing using a hotter curve (in this case 1325 def F). SW pot fired at 1325.  It is quite translucent. The result is quite glassy and looks old.

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ganter on October 21, 2009

After several comments and various emails regarding the issue of 3DP glass parts not looking glassy enough.  We though we might attempt a little post-firing surface modification.  We gave Pebeo Vitrea paints a quick try.    Pebeo paints are a glass paint that is fired at 160 deg C/300 deg F. The result was quite striking. […]

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ganter on October 20, 2009

One of our readers (Jeff Crowe) provided a different kiln firing curve.  He suggested that we fire to 1400 deg F.  We agreed to fire at 1375 deg F and report. Well, the result wasn’t quite what we expected but it is translucent. We took this picture as a way to document our results.  It […]

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ganter on October 20, 2009

An improved glass powder is composed of better quality glass (i.e. Spectrum Glass).  This our second major glass powder tested in our lab. It has ok damp strength, good green strength, and OK behavior in the kiln cycle. Spectrum Powdered Glass – 1000 units Powdered Sugar   ———– 90-100 units Maltodextrin   ————- 90-100 units The Spectrum […]

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meghatron on October 18, 2009

As a doctoral student at the UW’s Center for Digital Art and Experimental Media (DXARTS) it’s been a real treat to be able to work over at the Solheim Lab in the Mechanical Engineering building.  This was my first Vitraglyphic printed at the Solheim Lab just a few weeks ago. David Rutten from Grasshopper ( […]

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ganter on October 15, 2009

One of my colleagues was describing a process taught at Pilchuck glass school this summer.  The basic idea was the creation of a clay based on glass and a binder (or thickner).   She described the material as being a bit like children’s Play Doh.   You could shape this material, let it dry, and then […]

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