ganter on October 13, 2009


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admin on October 12, 2009

Folks, thank you for you interest in this material.  We just passed 2000 visitors today (not including us).  We promise to keep posting if you keep reading.    Thanks.  ….Admin

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ganter on October 9, 2009

While we’ve been talking about this in the lab for a couple of years, we gave it a try a couple of weeks ago. How about mixing different colors (or materials) in the feed bin to provide multi-color (or multi-material) objects. You are looking at a feed bin with two pieces of cardboard inserted to […]

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ganter on October 9, 2009

We’ve spent some time putting together a photo tour of our lab. Solheim Lab You will be able to see some of our equipment, processes, and people.

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ganter on October 8, 2009

I had always understood that Pate de Verre in a manner similar to Wikipedia definition: “Pate de verre is another form of kiln casting and literally translated means glass paste.[9][10] In this process, finely crushed glass is mixed with a binding material, such as a mixture of gum arabic and water, and often with colourants […]

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ganter on October 6, 2009

A Working Definition: Vitraglyphic  is a form of rapid prototyping or solid free form fabrication.  In this process developed at the University of Washington, finely powdered glass (or glasses) is (are) mixed with any set of a variety of powdered adhesive materials.  The resulting mixture is loaded into a 3D printer.   The printer deposits a […]

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ganter on October 4, 2009

A 3DP glass test part — ruffle bowl.

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ganter on October 2, 2009

It seems that everyone wants to print in THE cheapest material possible.    If this powder is not the cheapest, it is clearly in the running.  We ran this powder for 6 solid months to support our educational activities. White Satin Baker’s Special Sugar – 200 units Powdered Sugar (10x or 12x) – 100 units These […]

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ganter on October 1, 2009

We’ve had a plaster based replacement powder for almost 5 five years.  The recipe is rather complicated.   It was developed over a period of two years.  It has ok damp strength, good green strength, and is quite strong after baking in the convection oven.   When finished, one might infiltrate with CA glue, or thin epoxy, […]

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ganter on October 1, 2009

After following some of the posts in various blogs discussing Glass 3DP, we came across an interesting question. How much does it cost to kiln fire a 3DP glass piece? Not that much. I just ran a dozen pieces through the kiln firing process last night.  I use a 110 volt electric kiln which is […]

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