ganter on November 26, 2009

Excerpt from “The Event Horizon” “The Event Horizon started life as part of my investigation of the ceramic form during my MPhil project at the Royal College of Art in London. The title of the project was ‘The Hand and the Glove, Actual and Virtual Explorations of the Ceramic Container’, but more of that later. […]

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ganter on November 25, 2009

We’ve had several people ask us to help find and post some of the original patents relating to 3DP. We spent some time searching to locate a couple of the original patents which we present for your viewing. 3DP_techniques_5204055 3DP_techniques_5387380 Both of these documents make for interesting reading.  Enjoy.

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admin on November 24, 2009

Dear Readers, We have successfully migrated to a new server and migrated all current content.   We will be posting material tomorrow.    Thanks for you patience.    …Open3DP  team {We found a couple of bugs over the last few days and are working to fix them. If you find dead links, please let us know.}

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admin on November 23, 2009

Dear Readers, We are growing.   Therefore, we are migrating to a new server (both hardware and software) over the next day. We are now using a Turnkey WordPress Appliance.   A Turnkey Appliance is a live Ubuntu CD along with specific appliance software  all preconfigured.   Boot-Install-Configure-Go, All in about 10-20 minutes.  They have over 40 Turnkey […]

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ganter on November 18, 2009

As we gain more confidence using a given material (in this case glass), we start trying more interesting (and daring) geometries.   This shape also has history in our lab.   Most of the guests to our lab go home with a “free gift” and we like to focus on encapsulation (i.e. objects captive within other objects). […]

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ganter on November 17, 2009

Folks, we will be starting to cross post photos on Flickr.    If we can figure out how to link our Flickr photos, then we will put all photos on Flickr.    One of you WordPress wizards know how to link a Flickr photo?  Thanks

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ganter on November 15, 2009


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ganter on November 13, 2009

Robert Taormina wrote in to ask. “I was wondering if I could trouble you with a few questions. Your article mentioned nothing about printer settings.  Are you using a certain power and binder setting?  Or did you have to set your own saturation’s?  For our first test we used the XXX powder settings with some […]

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ganter on November 11, 2009

Professor Stephen Hoskins, Director and David Huson Research Fellow from The Centre for Fine Print Research at the The School of The West of England stopped by for a visit.   The Centre for Fine Print Research has recently been awarded a large AHRC grant to carry out research into 3D rendering and 3D printing (rapid […]

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ganter on November 7, 2009

Why would you bother to print glass eggs?   I mean it’s really not a very interesting or complicated shaped. We had glass bird’s nests created on the bench by a team of glass blowers but we really needed some eggs. Therefore, we printed some eggs using our process.    What do you think? Bird’s Nests at […]

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