admin on March 31, 2010

Like many other folks, we bought a Makerbot for exploration and experimentation.   A group of students (Belinda Dang, Evan Kuester, and Marcus Lew) in our Advanced RP/RM course waited patiently for their Makerbot.  It finally arrived in the lab with about two weeks left in the school quarter. They got the Bot assembled, tested , […]

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ganter on March 28, 2010

We are freshly back from Portland, Oregon and the Emerge 2010 -A JURIED KILN-GLASS EXHIBITION FOR EMERGING + INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL ARTISTS.” e-merge 2010 is the sixth biennial,  juried kiln-glass exhibition for emerging artists sponsored by Bullseye Glass Co. We were awarded the “Newcomer Award” for “Equi-Distance from Two Tori“. We featured this piece in a previous […]

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admin on March 25, 2010

Dear Readers, Today is 25K day.    Today we passed  25,000 viewers from over 55 countries or territories! Amazing!   We have been working at sharing ideas, techniques and building communities.    You have responded by joining in our fun.   As we sit around talking over coffee (yes, we’re in Seattle), we discuss what to do to […]

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ganter on March 10, 2010

The question that came up after the amazing February DorkBot meeting was “Is there anything that I can do with any of these cool materials without a 3D printer?”   I am ALWAYS haunted by questions like that.   Since the meeting, I have been experimenting with at least one answer.  The  answer for me was  Glass […]

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ganter on March 9, 2010

My cell phone starts buzzing but I’m in a meeting.   After a few more chores around the lab, I finally got time to check the voice mail.   “Hey Mark, this is Matt W. @ Metrix Create Space.  Bre Pettis is visiting tonight why don’t you come on over.” Needless to say, I went over to […]

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admin on March 3, 2010

In a late breaking news story,  it appears that a company called “Microjet Technology Co., Ltd.”  has  a 3D printer for sale.   The details are a little bit vague. “CometrueJet  (3D Printer)。 CometrueJet three-dimensional molding machine is a technology research to the world’s first to integrate its own nozzle technology with full-color 3D printer […]

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ganter on March 2, 2010

Powder 3D printed objects don’t always need to be fired.   In fact, many of our parts  never feel the fire (as it were) of the kiln. Sometimes we just infiltrate them with other materials (often using wax or paraffin).   We are set up with an auto-waxer, thus wax is our default process (and the […]

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