admin on April 27, 2010

We spend quite a bit of time in the lab just trying various things to see if they work or how they work.   If you check you’ll see that a large part of the scientific method is testing a hypothesis.  Sometimes, we test products if they are related to RP/RM especially to let our students […]

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admin on April 14, 2010

Today,  Shapeways announced the release of 3DP glass (and best of all it is based on recycled glass).    We have been having discussions with Joris from the very beginning about the idea of Shapeways making commercial 3DP glass available. {The model above is Emmanuel Lattes’ Double Möbius. It costs: $80 3D printed in glass.} They […]

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barnett on April 13, 2010

There’s much talk in universities about open research and “public benefit,” but university compliance and “commercialization” folks lean heavy on ownership of inventions and their chosen processes for “managing it”.  They don’t admit it publicly, but they put making money from “commercialization” ahead of advancing research-enabled practice.  They want the university to be “open for […]

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admin on April 10, 2010

Professor Hod Lipson and the team at the Cornell University Computational Synthesis Laboratory who brought us Fab@Home have just released Fab@HomeV2 (version 2).  What’s the big deal?   Much easy to put together!  Easier to use! The Fab@Home is an open-source personal fabrication system which enables people to make custom objects on demand.  Fab@Home is a […]

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admin on April 8, 2010

One of the newer toys in our lab is a microwave kiln.    A microwave kiln is a device which you place in a conventional microwave and it acts like a kiln.  Microwaves kilns are commercially available from various places on the internet. It is composed of a porous ceramic body (likely alumina) with a ring […]

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admin on April 3, 2010

Our collaborators at UC Berkeley (Ronald Rael) and his students have been producing some most amazing 3DP ceramic objects.   Rael’s interest in 3DP ceramics comes from a keen interest in “Earth Architecture” ideas. “In 2008 Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of California completed his first book, Earth Architecture (Princeton Architectural Press), which presented […]

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