Much of this week has been spent at SME’s Rapid 2010.   Our lab had two different presentations at the conference.   Michael Miller and Duane Storti gave a presentation entitled “3D Imagining to Additive Fabrication Without Triangles” (subtitled “We don’t need no stinking Triangles”).    They were even sporting the new – “No Triangles” badge.

{photo compliments of Matt Westervelt @ MetrixCreateSpace}

Dr. Storti presented details of  new concepts in voxel spacing modeling.  Dr. Miller presented a process to create 3DP objects by directly driving a 3DP printer.  This process allows one to print color into the inside of a part.

{Printing from brain atlas images: photo compliments of Michael A. Miller }

Mark Ganter and Meghan Trainor gave a presentation entitled “New Materials for 3D Printing and Their Applications“.  Dr. Ganter presented a brief overview of the Solheim RP lab (including its interdisciplinary nature), as well as some new 3DP materials (including ceramics, glass, bone, wood, etc).    Ms. Trainor presented an overview of her work in 3D digital art.

Stoneware ring from Abiotica

{photo compliments of Meghan Trainor @}

The “Trade Show” was interesting as always.   We spent some time in front of a real live BFB3000 machine (oh-ah, parts produced with 0.12 mm extruder nozzle ), talked with the folks from CloudFab and NetFabb (both have really interesting work).     Visited the Silicone Rubber booths to check out what’s happening in the world of chemicals.  The several vendors showed their ability to cross-license  someone else’s technology.

We would really like to thank all the sponsors for the networking/get-together party.  The food was great.

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