wyman on November 29, 2010

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west on November 25, 2010

Recently, at Solheim Lab, we sent a 3D printed mold printed in hydroperm off to Dave Feathers at Port Townsend Foundry.  The mold was placed in a greensand jacket and then poured in aluminum bronze.  The mold was not pre-heated, nor was it baked prior to pouring to push off all the moisture.  In spite of this, the results were quite impressive.   Head […]

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In addition to the group exhibition Rapid Premonitions, at  ArtSpace Gallery, Fresno City College is hosting a solo exhibition titled Additive Memories of the work of sculptor Laura West .  Laura West is our collaborator from California.  This is a collection of the best work completed by Laura West in the last few years that […]

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An exhibition of work created by sculptors and engineers who use RP based technology to create their forms opened this week in ArtSpace Gallery at Fresno City College.  These pioneering works show the wide variety of forms that can be created as well as an amazing array of materials that can be used.  This exhibit […]

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admin on November 10, 2010

For those of us who are continuing to ask the question “Where’s the software to go with our new Additive Manufacturing system?” After you bring home/assemble your shiny new Additive Manufacturing system and you build all the parts on Thingiverse (that you like) , where’s the easy to use software? Please take a look at […]

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by  Laura West and Mark Ganter As a result of the collaboration between artist (and  a bit engineer) Laura West and engineer (and more than part – artist) Mark Ganter, we are making great strides in the Fresno City College Sculpture Lab and the UW Solheim RP Lab  for the past few weeks.  This went […]

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