admin on April 22, 2011

We’ve been a bit busy this week as we are taking part in the College of Engineering’s Open House called “Discovery Days“.   Thus the Solheim Additive Manufacturing Lab has been open to the general public.   Friday was targeted at mid-school students.   Saturday is targeted at high-school and junior college students.   Parents are always welcome. We […]

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Our campus network folks have been busy in the background making changes to several of our subnets.    We’ve been informed that we will experience  various  types of intergalactic space anomalies.    We had the bridge contact Mr. Scott in engineering.   He informs us that he has all he can do to just keep our subnets together.   […]

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barnett on April 12, 2011

This is an important time in the development of 3d printing. We have just cleared nearly two decades of the fundamental MIT patents on 3d printing using powders, and although there is a tangle of improvement patents on particular forms of 3dp technology, we have some hope of opening up development activities from its university-created, […]

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ganter on April 8, 2011

Several folks in netland have emailed to ask “Can we see the lab?”    Our answer has generally been sure (“Come on by“).    Last week we had visitors from the UK.   They were very excited to come by and visit us (as they have been following our blog for quite a while).   It’s not possible for […]

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ganter on April 5, 2011

Well this is NOT an April Fools Joke! We give a big tip of the hat to the folks over at FOC (Freedom of Creation).   First off, on the morning of March 31 (at least here in the US), FOC displayed a picture of a 3D powder printer (perhaps a 510?) with non-standard powder inside […]

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ganter on April 1, 2011

While we have been doing a few April fools pranks and jokes, the best April Fool happened TO US!    One of our favorite students, Charlie Wyman, has been diligently working on getting the parameters down for kiln casting  glass from direct 3D printed molds. One of our pet glass projects is the creation of a […]

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