We’ve been a bit busy this week as we are taking part in the College of Engineering’s Open House called “Discovery Days“.   Thus the Solheim Additive Manufacturing Lab has been open to the general public.   Friday was targeted at mid-school students.   Saturday is targeted at high-school and junior college students.   Parents are always welcome.

We had a steady stream of people in the lab (with amazing excitement in the air).    Many of our students volunteered to greet guests and give them a lab tour.    Each person had their own style and agenda (it was awesome to see everyone shine).

A special piece of equipment has been moved into our lab called Big Red.    Big Red is a 5x10x4 foot 3-axis gantry system which was recycled from its former life as a plasma cutter.    We have been working to turn Big Red into an additive manufacturing system.

During open house we have been demonstrating a new multi-material deposition system developed, last quarter, by Shelley Sakuda  and aided by students in this quarter’s senior design project.    They adapted the multi-material deposition system to Big Red as a very nice demonstration for open house.  The multi-material deposition system allows for a continuously variable mixture of two powders to be deposited.

In these videos, you will see the W being deposited using a multi-material powder deposition (look carefully as the W changes from white to light purple several times).

Today’s crowd really thought it was awesome.

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