ganter on June 27, 2011

Markus Kayser has taken the design and AM (additive manufacturing) world by storm with his amazing video demonstration of SSSS (selective solar sand sintering).  The video credits reveal his connection with Royal College of Art! Basically, Kayser has focussed the sun on a bed of sand to harness its energy to fuse/sinter the sand in […]

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ganter on June 20, 2011

As our quarter winds down, we can start to breath again.     There are so many projects running  in the Solheim Additive Manufacturing lab this school term, it is difficult to keep an exact count. We’d like to take this moment to spot light some work that was initially done over three years ago and was […]

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ganter on June 16, 2011

Ok, you were all thinking that we were going to announce that we were printing in pearl (or perhaps mother of pearl) which is known as Nacre. Gerald would be thrilled if we were to make such an announcement as he’s been requesting it as a build material for several years.  However, that’s not our […]

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ganter on June 10, 2011

A  couple of days ago Bre Pettis was featured on the Steven Colbert report.   It was an amazing event.   Bre Pettis and Makerbot continue to become more than just “Geek Star” famous.   THE  best part of the show happens at the 4:39 mark! Steven Colbert: “How you going to make your money? Just Like.  […]

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ganter on June 6, 2011

I had the fortune to attend the 2011 Glass Art Society (GAS) Conference in Seattle over the last few days.    The 2011 GAS was the 41st annual conference.   As it was my first time attending, I wasn’t really to sure exactly what I was in store but I was clearly excited. When many American artists […]

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