admin on July 31, 2011

WIP (Work-in-progress)… We’ve been collaborating with a local company (Ceramic Cement) exploring the use of various types of cements and ceramics. There has been a quite a bit of interest in ceramic cements for quite some time. We have done a few bench tests to determine if the materials would be printable.   […]

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ganter on July 19, 2011

WIP (Work-in-progress)… We’ve been working at recreating the results of the April’s Fool by systematically testing various mixtures of ceramics, glasses and fluxes at a variety of temperatures. Seem like we’re making some progress. Here’s an example of a glass-ceramic at two different mix ratios that both appear to have fired successfully. Here’s the results […]

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barnett on July 17, 2011

A Basic Recipe for Off Road Powder Printing A used 400 class Z Corp printer (@ fine internet auction sites) USG HydroPerm Rice wine/Sake Used BC-20 ink cartridges   (@ fine internet auction sites) Clean up the used 400.  Add HydroPerm.  Fill the binder reservoir with rice wine.  Do not self-print (i.e., drink the sake binder) […]

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ganter on July 14, 2011

3D Printista – 3D·Print·is·ta   [three-dee-print-is-tuh -ee-stuh; ] –noun, plural 3D·print·is·tas, 3D·print·is·ti a person who is specially trained in the operation of 3D printing devices, and the fabrication of 3D objects using such devices at maker / create / hacker geek or research spaces. {Grant Marchelli as a 3D Printista @ UW Solheim AM Lab} […]

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ganter on July 8, 2011

Matt and his team at Metrix Create Space have been working on something really BIG!  In fact, our team and their team have been engaged in a bit of a competition with our big robots.  The Metrix crew is in the lead.  A hardy congratulations to them!  AWESOME! The Metrix crew has an old DynaCNC […]

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