Several people, we know, have been asking if we know anything about a book that has shown up on the various internet sites called “Printing in Plastic” by J.F. Kelly & P. Hood-Daniel.   It is a companion book to “Build Your Own CNC Machine“.



The P-in-P book is 446 page manual taking readers through the process of building a “White Ant” printer (fabbed mostly out of wood).   The White Ant is YARR (Yet Another RepRap) plastic printer.  The book has a nice chapter dealing both hand tools and power tools needed to fab a White Ant as well as overall construction advice (including safety).  A step-by-step build process is presented that might really be helpful for people from novice to mid-level maker skills.  Further, the book is linked to the Build Your Own CNC site (there are more pictures and construction videos).   The one of the links, provided in the book, points to a zip file of all of the wooden part drawing (these are quite well done). Other resources provided are a Skeinforge configuration file and an XML Gen4 configuration file

Kelly and Hood-Daniel have recently release their own set of White Ant electronics.   More electronics suppliers are always a good thing especially during recent times of controller board shortages.   Lastly, in Appendix B, the authors present a straightforward conversion of the White Ant into a basic small CNC mill.

Overall:  A thorough book with clear writing, many pictures & illustrations, and many web site links.

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