ganter on April 26, 2012

We been following the quickly changing universe in the RepRap and Kickstarter spaces.   We’ve reported on several Kickstarter projects in previous posts (and watch for more posts in the future). The PrintrBot project on Kickstarter by Brook Drumm has really captured our interest in that it’s goals of getting DIY AM bots into peoples […]

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ganter on April 24, 2012

We are always saying bad words when it comes to putting the Molex style connectors on stepper motors, end stops, and etc. Many fingers have been pinched. Enter the Molex crimping tool. The cost is $20 at the low end to $200 on the high end. We purchased a lower end model which was available […]

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ganter on April 16, 2012

Here’s the official email that we just received as a customer. Important Announcement from StratasysApril 16, 2012 I am pleased to share some exciting news with you. Today we announced that Stratasys and Objet have reached an agreement to merge, creating an even stronger company better positioned for growth. As you may know, Objet is […]

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ganter on April 10, 2012

NOW MSN network has an article entitled Sweet new printer pumps out 3-D chocolate creations.  The posting was forwarded to me by Dennis DePape (an architect that I work with). It is really interesting idea but a little late (perhaps 5-6 years).   We tried to post a comment but alas the only comments that […]

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ganter on April 5, 2012

You might wonder how we pick out interesting Kickstarter projects on which to shine our light.   Well, we look for projects that will advance the state of the maker community.   Imagine that you were walking down an isle in your local department store.  What kind of new toy (or retro toy) would you be willing […]

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ganter on April 1, 2012

Two of our students (Devon Brown and James Sabo) were working on a project for our Advanced Additive Manufacturing class.   They were exploring various materials to employ in the DIY 3DP world.   While opening a bag of tortillas, they came across one tortilla with an interesting  image. If you squint at it just […]

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