About WOOF is a collaborative collection of the University of Washington’s finest maker students across all disciplines who are dedicated to the advancement of 3D Printing technology.   Mission   To build awareness of and to continue the advancement of 3D Printing technology for the creative, economic, and social benefit of all.   Description   […]

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bowman on May 9, 2012

Minimalism at its best. The printrboard cost $129, comes with the board, a microUSB plug, and the promises of a smoothly running printer. I have run tests on the X,Y and Z axis, brought the extruder well beyond 220C and have no doubts it will exceed expectation on printing. Printrboard- wired up and running (only […]

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bowman on May 9, 2012

Some people say work smart, not hard. But, I am incredibly lazy, so I don’t want to work at all. That said; The 3D printing community is working way to hard on designing complex parts. They are really good parts, but they take work to produce.  I want to help you guys out with a […]

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This just came across the email from the Yahoo Z402 group. ========================================== “Patch and I collaborated with “Dr Glass” on this paper. We’d like to thank Open3DP for providing the recipes we used in these prints. Summarized version: We used a Z400 and open source software to 3D  print CT scans of badly injured feet […]

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