I have had the well known (According to the FF forums) fatigue failure of the x-Axis Stepper motor harness.  It is the result of wiring that really wasn’t designed for the way it’s being used.  That would be repetitive cyclical bending. One or more of the wires in the harness ultimately fail in a similar way to bending a coat hanger wire back and forth until it breaks.  My symptom revealed itself as a jittery sad sounding noise coming from the stepper, and an extruder assembly that wandered the build space with the confused panic of a child lost in a busy shopping mall.


If your machine has a tendency to stop mid-print for no apparent reason as though you paused it, this may be the result of a failing harness as well. The only fix is to replace the entire harness, unless you want to go in and figure out where the break is and replace that one wire.

Replacement harnesses are available on the FF website, but you will have to ask specifically for them.  It’s probably a good idea to just keep a spare around just in case.  An even better idea would be to figure out which harness on your machine is the longest, and buy that one.  Then no matter which fails first, you will have one long enough to replace it.

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2 Comments on Flashforge Stepper Harness Failure

  1. Kelly says:

    I have this same problem. Do you have any directions on what to buy and how to fix it?

    • Eamon McQuaide says:

      HI Kelly,
      I would recommend going onto Flashforge’s website and ordering a spare motor harness. In fact if you have more than one of these machines, I would order two:
      Under the selection box for “Type”, choose
      “Creator Others”.

      Then you need to unplug your machine, and replace the cable from the motor all the way to the control board underneath your machine. It is not a difficult process, just take your time, and be methodical.

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