As the complexity of the part increased from our initial support design study :, the support we originally made was no longer suitable for use, as it would get trapped within the lattice structure we created, and be impossible to pull out. Now things are getting interesting..



We noticed two things from our prior experiment:

1.  We wasted time and filament making solid support.  We needed to turn the support into a shell to reduce heat, and wasted material.  This will also make it easier to break out later.

2. We needed to add thin sections in the support to make it weak enough there to break apart to get it out.

Here is what the completed part looked like from the bottom:



You can see now that the support was hollowed after it was designed in by using a “shell” command in Solidworks. We used a .5 MM shell thickness, which was a bit overkill.  It could have been done with .3 with equal success. The gaps between the part and it’s support was consistent with the last setup.  You can see in the foreground that there was a built in stress riser (thin spot about .05 MM thick) up the middle to aid in breakout, and the results were the support came out in two equal pieces.  The results were excellent!



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