The Autodesk Spark team has done something quite unusual in the world of commercial 3D printing companies (3D Systems and Stratasys, please take note).  The Spark team has brought out a DLP style printer called the Ember which employs photo-resin technology.


{from lemoncurry group}

The Ember system is a bit on the high end in terms of cost (coming in at about $6000).   It is a bit out of the price league for home consumers but possibly within the scope of prosumers and small companies.  Unlike almost all 3D printing companies, Autodesk promised that they would not use the “razor blade model” for consumables (according to Duann Scott).     They have come through!   Autodesk released PR48 under CC-SA.

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To get all the details, please check out their post on the spark blog:



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