Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing with Advanced Materials (summary)

May 14th, 2016 @ Alder Commons @ UW-Seattle Campus


Hosted by the UW Strategic Research Initiative for
Additive Manufacturing with Advanced Materials

Symposium Committee:

Nicholas Boechler (Mechanical Engineering)
Andrew J. Boydston (Chemistry)
Cole DeForest (Chemical Engineering)
Albert Folch (Bioengineering)
Mark A. Ganter (Mechanical Engineering)
Dawn E. Lehman (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Laura N. Lowes (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Alshakim Nelson (Chemistry)
Duane Storti (Mechanical Engineering)



Studio Fathom has a nice presentation about this event on their blog



Lunch with poster session


Live printer demos


Invited speakers from UW and beyond

Positive outcomes from hosting the symposium:

  • Nearly 100 attendees at the event (28% industry, 35% UW students, 5% non-UW students, 9% UW Alumni or community member, 23% UW faculty and staff
  • Established new connections with leaders in the field
  • Created broader visibility of our SRI group beyond UW
  • Established contacts with University of Michigan, Virginia Tech, and Lawrence Livermore National Lab which could be important for the recently submitted BioSRI
  • Invitation for our SRI group to visit Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  • Invitation to visit Autodesk to discuss potential collaborations
  • Two invitations to submit manuscripts for the journal Polymer
  • Request for participation in special program at Bellevue Arts Museum to include 3D printing
  • Request for UW student to interview for a job by an industrial attendee

4 Comments on Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing with Advanced Materials (summary)

  1. Joseph says:

    Thank you for the summary! By chance any video posting of the sessions or PDFS of the presentations?

    • ganter says:

      Jopseph, Sorry this was our first. We didn’t capture any material for sharing.

  2. mandra says:

    thanks you for the summary guys.

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