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A special thanks to our friends over at the Het Nieuwe Instituut over in the Netherlands. They prompted us to pull out the frostruder, calibrate the machine and come up with some new recipes for open source cookie baking.  Details about the show can be found below.   Exhibition PLASTIC, Promises of a Home-made Future At Het Nieuwe Instituut […]

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Eamon McQuaide on November 18, 2014

When I tell people we don’t make use of our second extruder on our FlashForge machines the response usually goes: “But Why not?  Think of all of the cool things you could do with two extruders!  Don’t you like lot’s of colors, and dissolvable support material?” My response is usually an astounding: “Mehhhh…” The reason […]

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  Based on the interest and comments that these articles have been receiving it seems prudent to offer up more in depth content. The focus here is the “how to”… the raw data will come later. Sprueing:   Old School   New School   How do you sprue? Well, to quote a friend and mentor […]

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bowman on October 24, 2014

                      Primer In land where investment banking was king, mortgage based security swaps, dark pools and high frequency trading brought this nation to its knees. The inherent flaw wasn’t over leverage, it was that these strategies are all games based on stealing wealth from one […]

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medema on October 15, 2012

The student edition of SolidWorks does not support exporting designs as .stl files directly. Here’s a (free) work-around: A 3D viewing program called SolidWorks eDrawings installs alongside SolidWorks. Open your part in eDrawings; Save As an .stl. There is a bug in eDrawings, which incorrectly scales the part from inches to meters but fails to […]

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ganter on February 20, 2011

The STL files are now posted on GitHub as an Open3DP fork off of the Prusa tree.  They are to be considered Alpha release (and we are already working on some changes).   However, I am quite sure that you will be able to use them to print master forms to produce molds (because we have […]

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west on October 31, 2010

Our presentation ( Laura West and Mark Ganter) at Ars Mathematica in Paris was a great success and as promised we are jointly releasing our cemetenous metal casting formula for you to play with. What follows is a series of tips along with the formula.  Of course we found that it also works quite nicely […]

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ganter on May 5, 2010

I really need to quite watching National Geographic channel when I come home late at night (it’s something I do to turn off the buzz going on in my head).   Usually it works, but sometimes it doesn’t.   Sometimes, it just gets me buzzing all the more.   Recently, I caught a re-run of the “Secrets of […]

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admin on January 5, 2010

We created these cubist style Moai from a post we saw on PaperCraftParadise.  There are links on that page to a PDF file (the file is part of PDFLand from Mochizuki Printing Co.)  which one can download and make a paper Moai!   Really quite a bit of fun to start the New Year. We took […]

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