A special thanks to our friends over at the Het Nieuwe Instituut over in the Netherlands. They prompted us to pull out the frostruder, calibrate the machine and come up with some new recipes for open source cookie baking.  Details about the show can be found below.   Exhibition PLASTIC, Promises of a Home-made Future At Het Nieuwe Instituut […]

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Eamon McQuaide on November 18, 2014

I have had the well known (According to the FF forums) fatigue failure of the x-Axis Stepper motor harness.  It is the result of wiring that really wasn’t designed for the way it’s being used.  That would be repetitive cyclical bending. One or more of the wires in the harness ultimately fail in a similar […]

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  Based on the interest and comments that these articles have been receiving it seems prudent to offer up more in depth content. The focus here is the “how to”… the raw data will come later. Sprueing:   Old School   New School   How do you sprue? Well, to quote a friend and mentor […]

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bowman on October 24, 2014

                      Primer In land where investment banking was king, mortgage based security swaps, dark pools and high frequency trading brought this nation to its knees. The inherent flaw wasn’t over leverage, it was that these strategies are all games based on stealing wealth from one […]

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ganter on December 30, 2011

Several groups have begun exploring 3D printing “out of the box” or mobile 3D printing. ****************************************************** Nazca City (Ciudad Nazca) by rodrigoderteano “Nazca City” is a land art project, the drawing of a true scale map of an imaginary city onto the surface of the Peruvian desert. To do this we built a robot […]

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ganter on March 15, 2011

We would like to share something we made: Patrick Hannan, Jared Knutzen, Nicholas C Lewis, Joy Markham AdderFab ME495 (Capstone Design) – University of Washington March 9, 2011 Stay tuned for more details…

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ganter on February 23, 2010

If you look at our formulas and our strategy, you will see that we put the adhesive in the powder and the “binder” is, in fact,  just a solvent.     While each new powder that we attempt in our lab goes through a set of tests for adhesive/binder compatibility, we have had great success with the […]

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ganter on February 14, 2010

We received an invitation to the February Meeting of DorkBot — Seattle from Dominic Muren. All presentations were taped (link given below). The most amazing things that I took away from this meeting was the energy and excitement of “the crowd” and the genuine desire to  make things.   Making things is a fundamental way that […]

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meghatron on October 27, 2009

  Here is a video I created last spring for The Fab Show at The Esther M. Klein Art Gallery last May.  We sent this video, along with our printed work, to help explain the process and the spirit of the Solheim Lab to the gallery audience. – Meghan Trainor

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