Flash Forge Troubleshooting

Eamon McQuaide on December 4, 2014

One of the most challenging things to do and maintain print quality with an extrusion style printer is to print a solid object (100% fill). A student recently came into our shop to print some small parts in PLA. They were 15mm long with solid connecting tubes 4mm in diameter, and he insisted that they […]

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Eamon McQuaide on November 18, 2014

When I tell people we don’t make use of our second extruder on our FlashForge machines the response usually goes: “But Why not?  Think of all of the cool things you could do with two extruders!  Don’t you like lot’s of colors, and dissolvable support material?” My response is usually an astounding: “Mehhhh…” The reason […]

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Eamon McQuaide on November 18, 2014

With the addition of the semi-enclosed build chamber in our ABS Printer came one particularly annoying issue. The clamp bar that secures the X-Axis belt kept going soft and losing it’s grip on the belt resulting in a failed print part way through. Even when the screws were completely tight.  Given the location of these […]

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Eamon McQuaide on November 18, 2014

When I first started printing with it, I was convinced that ABS really stood for something besides “Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene”.  My mind  three particular expletives were inserted in a certain order (A!B!S!) to describe my feelings about the material relative to printing it.  Delamination, shrinkage, pulling tape off of the bed, clogs, you name it.  Most […]

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Eamon McQuaide on November 18, 2014

After a few months of FlashForge use one issue has consistently cropped up. The extruder assembly has for the most part been great, and extremely reliable.  The only challenge I still get on occasion is heat soak creeping up the Teflon tube inside the extruder, which results in a clog. There are two ways this can happen. […]

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Eamon McQuaide on November 18, 2014

I have had the well known (According to the FF forums) fatigue failure of the x-Axis Stepper motor harness.  It is the result of wiring that really wasn’t designed for the way it’s being used.  That would be repetitive cyclical bending. One or more of the wires in the harness ultimately fail in a similar […]

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Eamon McQuaide on November 18, 2014

I’m assuming this issue can be a problem with any device that moves or vibrates.  You put it through heat cycles, and vibration, and things loosen up, and fall out.  Just ask anyone who rides a Harley.  Here is a recommendation for anybody who buys a FlashForge printer. The pulley grub screws should be removed […]

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