Seattle, like most cities, has many options for your dining experiences. Whether you like to eat out at restaurants, purchase fresh produce at Farmer’s Markets, or grab a quick bite between classes there are many choices available for you within walking or bus distance.

The Ave (University Avenue) and surrounding streets are filled with various dining options where you can satisfy your urge for teriaki, indian, mexican or more traditional american fare such as pizza, subs, and burgers. You can find a place to sit and enjoy your meal, or dine on take-out.

University Village has more restaurants for you to choose along with grocery stores and gourmet shops. Although it is a longer walk, you can take a bus nearby or drive there.

For those wanting a quick bite while on campus, Housing & Food Services offers a variety of dining options. Some of the dorms have food service that is open to non-dorm residents, in addition to the numerous coffee stands throughout campus.

A few links to help you get started on your food adventures include:

Local grocery stores: