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For Instructors

Please refer to our FAQ for instructors for the answers to some commonly asked questions, if not addressed below.

Class Visits

Class visits are the Odegaard Writing & Research Center’s way of communicating our full range of services to students first-hand. Instructors can request one of our tutors to visit their class and briefly introduce what the OWRC does, how students can access our services, and how to get the most out of a writing center appointment! Class visits can be as short as 5 minutes and as long as 15 minutes. Request a Class Visit here.

Peer Review Workshops

The OWRC can come to your class or TA section and facilitate a peer review workshop, focused on engaged listening, reader response, and inquiry. The goal is to support your students in developing skills that will allow them to give one another feedback that is specific, relevant, and constructive. The workshop is also a great opportunity to learn more about how you or your TAs can help your students get the most out of peer review in your future classes. Request a Peer Review Workshop here.


Our director has expertise in writing instrution, writing in the disciplines, and higher education pedagogy, and our tutors are a great resource for giving feedback on writing assignments from a student perspective. Contact us at for a consultation on:

We also recommend instructors and graduate teaching assistants to consult with the Center for Teaching and Learning on questions about instruction and learning. 

Resources for Students

Please encourage your students to visit us for help with any stage of the writing and research process. We offer:

We also offer support specifically for multilingual and English Language Learners (ELLs). Targeted Learning Communities offer support to multilingual and international students in any course, particularly in writing- and reading-intensive (W) courses. See our TLC page for more information.  

Syllabus Blurb

Here is a brief paragraph about our services that you can include in your course Canvas page, syllabus, or class listserv.

The Odegaard Writing & Research Center (OWRC) offers free, one-to-one, 45-minute tutoring sessions for undergraduate, graduate, and professional writers in all fields at the UW. We will work with writers on any writing or research project, as well as personal projects such as applications or personal statements. Our tutors and librarians collaborate with writers at any stage of the writing and research process, from brainstorming and identifying sources to drafting and making final revisions. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please see our website (, or come visit us in person on the first floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library.