Coordinating Wraparound with Evidence-Based Clinical Practices

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Principal Investigator: 
Eric J. Bruns, Ph.D.
Project Period: 
PBHJP Project Faculty and Staff: 
Project Summary: 

PBHJP faculty and staff are focused on developing and testing methods for ensuring that states and jurisdictions implementing Wraparound care coordination for youth with complex needs are doing so in a way that actively integrates research-based clinical care. For example, PBHJP is now collaborating with PracticeWise LLC, to train wraparound care coordinators, family partners, and therapists in several sites in two states on the Managing and Adapting Practice (MAP) system, a coordinated method for delivering evidence-informed clinical care. For more on the Wrap+MAP concept and practice model, see the article “Family Voice with Informed Choice: Coordinating Wraparound with Research-Based Treatment for Children and Adolescents


Public Health Relevance: 

Improving the quality of individualized care planning and management for children and youth with complex needs and their families, in order to maximize health outcomes for the life of the child, family & community.