Administering and Evaluating PCAP: Protocols and Forms

Hiring & Training

PCAP Supervisor

PCAP Case Manager

PCAP Office Assistant

PCAP Exit Interviewer

Addiction Severity Index (ASI) Interviewer Training

ASI Preparation, Introduction and Consenting Instructions

Video: Introducing the ASI and the Consent Process

For ASI Proficiency Trainers:

Proficiency Training Handbook

Proficiency Training Flow Chart

Proficiency Training Documentation Form

Proficiency Training Process and Cost Information


Washington State Institutional Review Board (IRB)

IRB Training Instructions

PCAP Clients as Human Subjects: Special Considerations (“ABCs of IRB”)

PCAP Study Consents, Permissions, Releases of Information

Promoting Health Families (PHF) PCAP Sub Study Consents, Authorization

Recruitment, Referrals

PCAP Program Permissions (Non‐IRB)

PCAP Case Management: Getting Started

The Client File: 6 Sections

Client File Protocol

  1. Inside Front Cover:
  2. Service Coordination:
  3. Medical Information:
  4. Goals & Assessments:
    • Difference Game (see Evaluation – Evaluation Forms – First Home Visit Assessments)
    • Difficult Life Circumstances (see Evaluation – Evaluation Forms – First Home Visit Assessments)
    • Family Strengths and Needs
    • ASI Last Page
    • Goals Assessment (see Evaluation – Evaluation Forms – Every 4 Months)
  5. Case Notes:
  6. Correspondence:
    • Copies of letters, etc.

Case Manager Tools

Legal Protocols

Suicidality and Safety Planning

Client Exit

Authorized Client Extensions

Supervision and Administration Tools

Other Administrative Recommendations

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