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Culture Clues™ are copyrighted by University of Washington Medical Center. You have permission to reproduce the Cultures Clues™ for your project under these copyright conditions:

·     Include the copyright authorship information and date on any reprints you publish.

·     If you make any adaptations, please include the text: “Adapted from Culture Clues™, University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC publication date).”

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Culture Clues™

Culture Clues™ are tip sheets for clinicians. They are designed to increase awareness about concepts and preferences of patients from the diverse cultures served by University of Washington Medical Center. Culture Clues™ are available for these cultures:

·         A Communication Guide -- All Cultures

·         Albanian

·         Chinese

·         Deaf

·         Hard of Hearing

·         Korean

·         Latino

·         Russian

·         Somali

·         Vietnamese


End-of-Life Culture Clues™

Also available are tip sheets regarding end-of-life care as often preferred by various cultures. The End-of-Life Culture Clues™ are available for:

·         The Latino Culture

·         The Russian Culture

·         The Vietnamese Culture