The University of Washington/Northwestern University (UW/NU) Corpus

The University of Washington/Northwestern University (UW/NU) Corpus contains recordings and textgrids of Pacific Northwest and Northern Cities speakers reading a subset of the IEEE "Harvard" sentences. The UW/NC Corpus Version 1.0 has been used to study the effects of dialectal variation on speech intelligibility, while version 2.0 is being used in ongoing research in speech intelligibility and gender interaction. Development is supported by the National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders grant R01-DC006014. The UW/NC Corpus is well suited for both clinical and research studies where high-fidelity recordings and regional accent control are desirable.
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McCloy, D. R. “Prosody, Intelligibility and Familiarity in Speech Perception.” Doctoral dissertation. University of Washington, 2013. [Doctoral dissertation. University of Washington, 2013]

Rothauser, E. H. (1969). IEEE recommended practice for speech quality measurements. IEEE Trans. on Audio and Electroacoustics, 17, 225-246.


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