Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU)

Natural Resources Conservation Services


Sonya Neal-Reeves
National Program Manager
Management & Strategy Deputy Area
Outreach & Partnership Division
(202) 205-1165

Jacqueline Davis-Slay
National CESU Coordinator

Christopher Watkins
Grants Management Specialist

Key Research, Technical Assistance, and Education Needs
NRCS’ interests are focused on natural resources that form the foundation for healthy lands. NRCS seeks technical assistance, research, and education in the following areas.

  • Soil Quality: The quality of intensively used soils is maintained or enhanced to enable sustained production of a safe, healthy, and abundant food supply.
  • Water Quality: The quality of surface and groundwater is improved and maintained to protect human health, support a healthy environment and encourage a productive landscape.
  • Water Management: Water is conserved and protected to ensure and abundant and a reliable supply for the nation.
  • Grassland, Rangeland and Forest Ecosystems: Grassland, Rangeland, and Forestlands are productive, diverse and resilient.
  • Fish and Wildlife Habitat: Working lands and waters provide habitat for diverse and healthy wildlife, aquatic species, and plant communities.
  • Wetlands: Provide quality habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife, protect water quality, and reduce flood damages.
  • Clean Air: Agriculture makes a positive contribution to local air quality and the nation’s effort to sequester carbon.
  • Energy: Agriculture activities conserve energy and agricultural lands are a source of environmentally sustainable bio fuels and renewable energy.
  • Working Farm and Ranch Lands: Connected landscapes sustain a viable agricultural and natural resource quality.

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