Plant Data Sheet

Menzies' penstemon,

Penstemon davidsonii var. menziesii


Range :

Olympic and North Cascade Mountains.

Climate, elevation:

Middle to high elevations.

Local occurrence

Frequent on cliffs and talus slopes usually above 5000.

Habitat preferences

Talus slopes. Full sun.

Plant strategy type/successional

P. Davidsonii var menziesii is a colonizer as it prefers rocky slopes and cracks with poor soil where few other plants could establish themselves.

Associated species

Aquilegia spp, Cassiope mertensiana, Poa arctica, Vahlodea atropurpurea, Carex nardina, Plox spp, Erigeron humilis.

May be collected as:



Collection restrictions or guidelines

Careful! Alpine plants can be delicate!

Seed germination (needs dormancy breaking?)


Seed life (can be stored, short shelf-life, long shelf-life)


Recommended seed storage conditions


Propagation recommendations (plant seeds, vegetative parts, cuttings, etc.)

Propagates easily from seed.

Soil or medium requirements (inoculum necessary?)

Needs a sandy, acidic, well drained soil.

Installation form (form, potential for successful outcomes, cost)

Best if used in a rock garden with other alpine flowering plants. While propagation from seed would be cheaper, the success of transplanting a 1gallon specimen would be better.

1 gallon - $6.99

Seed Packets $3 from

Recommended planting density

No more than 16 inches, in perfect conditions P. davidsonii only will reach about a 1 ft diameter.

Care requirements after installed

Water weekly, keep pH low.

Normal rate of growth or spread; lifespan

Very slow growing.

Sources cited

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Data compiled by Christer Lundstrom