Cooley’s Hedge Nettle

Stachys cooleyae

photo of Stachys cooleyae


Range: Southern BC to Northern California


Climate, elevation: Low elevation in wetter areas


Local occurrence: Common in Pacific North West


Habitat preferences: Very common in and near stream channels and also found in open woods, clearings and roadsides.


Plant strategy type/successional stage: Common under story species in open forests. Often found of gravel bars near rivers and streams in low elevations.


Associated species: Very closely related to Mexican hedge nettle.


May be collected as: Seed, or as division.


Collection restrictions or guidelines: Collect seeds from July- August, cuttings from mature plant


Seed germination: No seed dormancy. Germinates 15 days after sowing, with 40% success (Young, 2001).


Recommended seed storage conditions: Seeds should be stored in cool dry place (Young, 2001)


Propagation recommendations: Place flat on heated bench, and let establish for at least a month


Soil or medium requirements: Peat based mix, with coarse materials and plenty of water, to simulate streamside conditions.


Care requirements after installed: If installed in properly moist area, watering is not necessary


Sources cited


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Data compiled by: Joshua Hegarty, 25 May 2006