Tufted Saxifrage - Saxifraga cespitosa

Range:  Found from Alaska to Northwestern Oregon.  In Washington and Oregon found commonly in the mountains. (Pojar 1994)

Climate, elevation:  Low to high elevations in Canada and Alaska.  Found in middle to high elevations in Washington and Oregon. (Pojar 1994)

Local occurrence:  Common locally in the Cascades and Olympics on rocky outcrops and slopes. It can be found from sea level outcrops to alpine tundra. (Pojar 1994)

Habitat preferences:  Rocky slopes, cliffs, ledges, gravelly ridges.  Alpine tundra and sea level outcrops. (Pojar 1994)

Plant strategy type/successional stage:  Pioneer species (Plants of Western Washington Collection)

Associated species:  Not specified.

May be collected as:  Seed and cuttings.

Collection restrictions or guidelines:  Not specified

Seed germination:  Germination occurs at 12 C, seeds are non dormant

Seed life:  Not specified.

Recommended seed storage conditions:  Not specified.

Propagation recommendations:  Collect seeds in the fall.  Germinate seeds at 12 C and grow in greenhouse.  Plant when it reaches 1 gallon size.

Soil or medium requirements:  Not specified.

Installation form:  Best if installed as a whole plant.  Seeds and cuttings can be killed by late spring freezes.

Recommended planting density:  Not specified.

Care requirements after installed:  Not specified.

Normal rate of growth or spread:  Slow growth

Sources cited:

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